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The Story of How Gonculator Games Came to Be

DISCLAIMER: This story is an amalgamation of fact and fiction. I leave it to you to decide which is which.

My name is Will, and I'm the creator of Gonculator Games. 

I attended college way back in the 1980s at a prestigious university in central Texas. I was selected to apply under a special program they offered for indecisive incoming freshmen, so I got to design my own degree plan. Having many interests, I chose to pursue studies in all of them, which led to my quadruple major in Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, Metaphysics, and Brain Physiology. I also had a minor in Human Consciousness.

Those were exciting times! I found college to be both challenging and rewarding. Mostly challenging and occasionally rewarding, if I’m being completely honest. The academic demands of my quadruple major soon compelled me to redesign my custom degree plan. Despite my keen interest in so many different types of “physics” and “physiology,” I eventually settled on majoring in “Physical Education” only. And my minor in Human Consciousness really became more a focus on staying awake in class. 

After seven fun-filled years, I graduated and got a job with a top secret think tank. Not DARPA, but similar. It was the National Endowment for Research and Development. However, our management team wasn’t very happy about our acronym, so they referred to us as YETI. Oddly, YETI still stood for National Endowment for Research and Development. I can’t offer a reasonable explanation, though it was rumored that our leadership was envious of all the attention the folks over at Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence were getting, so they had attempted a mischievous spoof of SETI.

The first top secret project I worked on for YETI was . . . oops, wait a minute, let me go back and review the non-disclosure agreement the lawyers made me sign before I continue that thought. While I’m doing that, why don’t you enjoy perusing an amazing business idea I developed back in the day? 

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