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Super Duper Novel Titles

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

You may have observed I am an author. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with my body of work? Please do not be embarrassed. Do not feel a crippling sense of shame that you are not well read. You see up to now, the only things I have authored are the TITLES of novels I plan to write someday. Here is a mercifully brief list of possible future Pulitzer Prize contenders.

  1. Collecting Wisdom

  2. Collecting Wisdom II

  3. Faster and Funnier

  4. The Earth Man's Song

  5. Nooks and Crannies

  6. The Collected Essays of Will Malpass (nonfiction)

Look, I get that #6 is not the title of a novel, okay? But it's so juicy and perfect in every way I just had to include it in my list.

#Humor #CollectingWisdom

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