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  • Will Malpass

Untold Riches Await!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Hmm. Vend Town? Vend City? Planet Vend-A-Bunch?

Oh hello, loyal reader. I didn't notice you at first because I was contemplating my latest money-making brainchild. First there was World of Flight. Then I unveiled Tot Stop and Salad Daze. And now I'm ready to announce a fresh, bold concept that will complete my troika of game-changing business ideas—but I can't decide what to call it yet.

This simple transaction, multiplied many times, will forever secure my

These are the steps of the plan:

  1. Use money I don't have right now to buy a bunch of vending machines.

  2. Use money I don't have right now to lease retail space in a high-traffic consumer area such as a shopping mall.

  3. Put the vending machines in the retail space.

  4. Fill the vending machines with yummy snacks and sparkling beverages purchased from a wholesale store such as Costco® or Sam's Club®.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot—use money I don't have right now to make the purchases at the wholesale store.

  6. And oh yeah—lay in a supply of those change-making machines, too. (Using money I don't have right now, of course.)

  7. Expectantly await gloriously fantastic untold riches.

And now, it's come to me—I will call my highly-profitable little corner of automated retail heaven:


"Fabulous idea, Will!" you say admiringly. "Is there some way I might somehow stand in the tranquil, cooling midst of your massive intellectual shadow? In other words, what can I do to help?"

Well, faithful reader, since you asked...Do you have any money right now?


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